About Us

An American Scottish cousin and a full blood Scottish cousin linked by their MacKenzie Clan roots have joined together to bring their love of Scottish culture, history, ancestry and the country together in a small private tour company.

We can also help assist in finding or connecting you with your Scottish roots through genealogical assistance and planning you a most outstanding tour surrounding your heritage.

If the ancestry route is not what you are seeking but you are just looking for two personable, flexible people with a true love for the country and want to experience Scotland and all of its glory we can create a tailored, custom tour specifically built around your needs.

Our mission is to join other Scottish roots and just Scotland loving people to this most spectacular, breathtakingly beautiful county and all that she has to offer. We do not provide accommodations as part of the tours but we will certainly assist you in finding exactly what you are wanting!

Please contact us to further help you with setting a tour up and pricing options available!

We look forward to touring with you

Melonie & Kenneth



Luceo Non Uro

“I shine not burn”, Clan MacKenzie motto